Temperatures and precipitation will continue to be above normal through Feb. 12. From Feb. 5-12 I am expecting high temperatures in the upper 40s into the 50s with rain increasing during that time as we get moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. 

Rainfall totals will continue to increase as we get into March and April which is the wetter portion of the year. 

I know lots of young people that are interested in weather and meteorology and have asked me how I got started in the profession. My grandfather bought me a thermometer when I was 10 and I started writing down the temperature every few hours and keeping up with the weather every day. 

At age 14 I started getting weather books from the library and reading college level meteorology books. By the time I was 18 and a senior in high school, I got my first job with the local radio station doing hourly weather.   

My advice would be to study hard in school and then make a rewarding career out of meteorology. 

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. You may contact him at with questions, provide a weather update for your area or suggest topics for his column.

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