It is going to be a hot and humid week across Middle Tennessee with afternoon highs of 85 to 90 degrees and then dropping to between 65 to 70 degrees at night.  

There will be scattered showers and thundershowers and how much rain we get will depend on the exact path that the tropical system takes coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and moving across the central and eastern United States.

The National Weather Service in Nashville offers online basic and advanced storm spotter classes that you can take from your home computer. Most of these take only an hour or two and they are very interesting and free.

If you want to sign up for one of the classes go to or go to the Nashville Weather Service and you will see it listed under news headlines at the top of the page.  There are classes on June 10 and June 16. 

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. Contact him at with questions, to provide a weather update for your area or to suggest topics for his column.

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