We will see at least a 50 percent to 60 percent chance of thunderstorms every day this week and many will produce heavy downpours and lots of lightning. 

There is more cloud-to-ground lightning in Tennessee during August than any other month. 

It will be a week of partly cloudy skies and high humidity with high temperatures at 85 to 90. We are currently into what is normally our hottest time of the year so I started thinking about our hottest day of all time. Surprisingly it came on June 29, 2012. That day the temperature hit 109 in Nashville, 110 in Woodbury and 104 to 108 across the Midstate.

The highest temperature ever recorded in Tennessee was 113 at Perryville on July 29, 1930. Perryville is in Decatur County near the Tennessee River. The highest U.S. temperature on record is 134 at Death Valley, Calif.

If the Earth didn't have an atmosphere and oceans the planet’s daily temperature would be much like the moon with an average high of 260 degrees and a low of 280 below zero. 

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