We have a chance of rain showers scattered around Middle Tennessee on Tuesday through Thursday this week with high temperatures warming to between 50 and 55 degrees.

More rain is expected around the early part of next week as well.

A reader wanted to know how to take an accurate snow measurement. Make sure it is on a flat and level surface such as a picnic table or in your yard away from any obstructions such as trees or poles that might block some of the snow or cause a drift.

Take your ruler or yardstick and get three or four measurements. The average from those measurements is likely to be your accurate total.

Another reader asked why they were seeing glitter floating through the air on cold mornings. This phenomenon happens on clear, cold days when there isn’t enough moisture to form clouds but just enough to create crystals.

So, when it’s really cold outside, even the smallest amount of moisture in the air freezes and falls from a cloudless sky.

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. Contact him at with questions, to provide a weather update for your area or to suggest topics for his column.

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