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Middle Tennessee looks to be on the way to one of the driest September's on record. Through the 20th, many areas have had no rain for the month and it is rare to find anyone reporting over a quarter of an inch for September.

The best chance of your lawn getting some help from Mother Nature will come on Monday with a chance of about 50 percent, but showers will still be scattered and then chances go back down for the remainder of the month. 

We could also set a record for the most 90 degree days in a year. After we get this little touch of cooler air for the weekend, high temperatures will pop right back up into the low to mid-90s by the middle of next week.

Autumn begins on Sept. 23 at 2:50 a.m. and sunset that day will be 6:36 p.m., but the days are really getting shorter and by the end of October, Sunset will be 5:46 p.m. 

On the first day of autumn, the sun will rise directly in the east and set directly in the west. As we go into fall and move toward winter, the days get shorter and the sun gets lower in the sky because the Earth is tilting away from the Sun. 

In spring and summer, the pigment chlorophyll gives leaves their green color. At the end of summer, the decreased daylight and cooler temperatures cause chlorophyll to break down and that exposes other pigments that cause the brilliant yellow, orange, red leaves of fall.

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Steve Norris obtained his first job in radio doing the weather as a senior in high school. He is certified by the National Weather Association. As well as writing articles for newspapers, he provides severe weather information to county governments and Emergency Management and also does live hourly weather reports for radio stations. He has received multiple awards for his coverage of severe weather in middle Tennessee - both tornadoes and ice storms.

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