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Do you remember the old song “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”?

If you have then you know it’s true. If you haven’t tried this try it. Try walking into any business or workplace while smiling the whole time you’re in the place. As you continue to smile watch the faces of other people around you. They will all begin to smile as well. And if you really want other people to smile, and maybe even laugh, try going around with a very, very exaggerated smile on your face.

 As humans we just can’t help smiling when others are smiling. Don’t get me wrong, there will be some that are having a bad day that may not be able to smile because of a serious situation going on in their lives, but they will appreciate that you tried to help them smile.

Studies prove that people are much healthier when they smile often. When you smile natural chemical endorphins are released in the body. And what’s really cool is that we sometimes put on a fake smile and the brain doesn’t know the difference.

Here’s how it works: When you smile you use muscles in your face that trigger or trick your brain into producing endorphins. These endorphins then travel through your body and make you feel better. It’s sort of a free vitamin H pick me up. Cool, huh? And by the way, H is the chemical sign for happy.

We all know that life gives us lots of reason to frown. Frowning actually creates as many wrinkles as smiling without the fun. So, you tell me which one is the best for you from a vanity standpoint. For example, you need help and don’t know who to turn to, who are you more likely to ask for help?

Another example, you enter a retail store to do some shopping and two sales people approach you and one is smiling and the other is frowning. Which one are you most likely to ask for help? The answer is clear because a smiling person will always seem more helpful, sympathetic, sincere, knowledgeable and healthy.

Life is much too short to spend any more time than necessary frowning or sad. The whole point of this article is to help you be happier and healthier. Because when you are happy more people around you are happy. And when this happens life is better for everyone. When you are happy at home you are more likely to be happy while driving, while out and about or while at work

You see there isn’t much of anything wrong with smiling other than making frowning people jealous. We all strive to be happy and healthy. Smiling is the very first step in that process. So please smile every chance you get and live happier and healthier for life. Smiling is indeed good for your health.

And by the way, laughing is a great way to build muscle, especially in the stomach area. Think about it. Every time you laugh certain parts of your body tighten. The more you laugh the more you tighten. You now have a whole new set of exercises to perform that include nothing more than smiling and laughing all while improving both internal and external health and fitness. Who ever thought exercise could be so much fun?

Keep on smiling and laughing for good health and happiness.

Kenny Martin is the City Manager/Economic Development for the City of Mt. Juliet.

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