John Rose

John Rose

Tennesseans are facing an unprecedented challenge, one that has brought uncertainty, new routines, and many questions. 

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to press in on our daily lives, we, as Tennesseans, have faith that together we will overcome.

On behalf of the folks of Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District, I have continued to participate in frequent interactive briefings on the work of the President’s Task Force, the State of Tennessee’s response, and the public-private partnerships formed in recent days. I am fully focused on doing everything possible to equip our state and local officials, first responders, and health care professionals who are working tirelessly and heroically to keep us healthy and safe here in Tennessee. 

I have been continuously working with my colleagues in Congress to develop the legislative response to this crisis. My staff and I have been seeking out input and listening to the needs of individuals, businesses and institutions across the 6th District making sure to include provisions that will serve the families and small businesses of Tennessee. 

Our work does not stop there. We have numerous stories of folks who traveled abroad, often on mission trips, only to be caught off guard by the recent, swift turn of events. These Tennesseans need our help, and I am committed to doing all that I can to bring them home. 

Ultimately, I know that Tennesseans will continue joining together — though temporarily from a distance — to overcome this challenge just like we always have during difficult times in our past. As COVID-19 has brought harm to many of our neighbors and friends, we have witnessed the incredible strength of our communities coming together to protect one another.

Our health care professionals, grocers, scientists, first responders, farmers, transportation workers and all other essential workers, have stepped up in incredible ways — all for the sake of their fellow Americans. This brave volunteerism demonstrates the very best of our state. 

Tennesseans are truly embodying the Volunteer Spirit of service and sacrifice. Whether it is working in the emergency room, tending livestock, or transporting supplies, we are forever indebted to those making these sacrifices. We extend both our gratitude for their service and our prayers for their safety.

For those of us with elderly neighbors, it is incumbent upon us to check in, meet needs and provide encouragement. For those of us with small children, it is our responsibility to reassure them, continue to educate them, and keep our families safe. For those of us with immune deficiencies or other factors that put us at high risk, it is important that we allow those at less risk to do what we cannot right now. For those of us who are healthy, we must ask ourselves if we can give blood, support local food banks or meet other needs. 

For all of us, it important to remember that we are all our brother’s keeper. We may not be together in our places of work, worship or fellowship, but we are together in spirit and heart. 

We, as Tennesseans, will lead the way in protecting ourselves and each other. Looking out for one another is what we do best. 

Rep. John Rose represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District and resides in Cookeville with his wife, Chelsea, and their young son, Guy.

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