Looks like we have an average week of weather ahead of us with temperatures close to normal for this time of year. 

Expect afternoon highs ranging from 55 to 60 degrees and dropping into the upper 30s at night. Another front is coming around Saturday and it will bring showers and slightly cooler temperatures for a couple of days but I think it will warm back up around the 50s by Thanksgiving. 

I do not see any more Arctic air through Thanksgiving with the polar jet expected to hold to our north for a while. 

There were a lot of records broken last week for Nov. 13 across Middle Tennessee as temperatures dropped to between 10 and 13 degrees in most areas. 

The first snow of the season also occurred with one inch falling in some areas. That is unusual to come so early in the season. 

Last Wednesday morning it was colder in Nashville (13 degrees) than it was at Barrow, Alaska, which had 18 degrees.

Steve Norris provides information to Emergency Management Agencies in many counties in Tennessee. You may contact him at with questions, provide a weather update for your area or suggest topics for his column.

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