Kenny Martin


It has been said that the average American continues to spend more and more time working and driving in an attempt at pursuing the American Dream. It’s also true that we live in a land that believes there is no limit at what we can achieve if we work hard enough and try our very best. That is all great and good, but at what costs?

That probably begs the question, then why are we rarely satisfied? This way of thinking goes well beyond material possessions. We tend to think in the now. We spend much of our time working, planning and pursuing, rather than counting our blessings for what we have in an attempt at achieving what we don’t. In this frame of mind, we spend more time thinking of what we don’t have, as opposed to what we do have.

Human tendency is to think of what you haven’t accomplished and not what you have accomplished. This leads to a feeling of dissatisfaction, discontentment and underachieving. A definite blow to the ole self esteem. Now you can begin to see why so many people are constantly either unhappy or grumpy during times they should be happy. In other words, we spend countless hours away from work thinking about work, planning for work and kicking ourselves for what we have yet to accomplish in life or work. This can cause problems at work and home.

We all know that life can be tough at times. We deal daily with life’s emotional roller coaster ride. It can be life and death issues, financial highs and lows or good and bad relationships. We can go from the birth of a beautiful baby one minute, to the death of an innocent child the next; from rich to poor; for better or worse and so on. That is why we must start counting our blessings now!

We not only owe it to ourselves, we owe to our family and friends to enjoy life to the fullest and count our blessings. Life is meant to be filled with fond memories, love and enjoyment, not regret, missed memories and stress.

Please start taking time to smell the roses and realize how truly blessed we all are. Please take and make time for yourself, family and friends to enjoy life.  

Kenny Martin is the City Manager/Economic Development for the City of Mt. Juliet.

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