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To the Editor:

We all probably have that one thing we need to have back before we’ll feel completely settled again. A post-COVID world may never be exactly like the pre-COVID one, and our new normal may be falling a little short of true normalcy, but there’s some light at the end of this tunnel, and in it we can see the things we’ve missed most over the last several months.

For Wilson Bank & Trust, we’ll really be back only when our community events are in full swing again.  Fall brings a glaring reminder that our bank’s signature event, Oktoberfest, will have its 33-year tradition interrupted in 2020. 

For me, the most exciting thing about Oktoberfest is always the team spirit shown by employees as they give back and serve. All the time and energy we put into this event is returned tenfold in the smiles we receive and the businesses we support. We’ll even miss the behind-the-scenes challenge of cleanup day — trying to see how fast we can get our Main Office campus back into shape for business on Monday.  This is all part of our giving, community-centric approach to doing business at WBT, and it feels like a piece of our bank is missing without it.

At the same time, perspective is crucial. We know none of this compares to what many individuals and families have endured during the global pandemic. As a community bank, we’re connected to our neighbors in a way many organizations aren’t, and we’ve been able to continue serving them every day.  We’ve seen the impact of lost lives, failing health, vanishing jobs and struggling businesses as we help in every way we can. Under the conditions, hosting a large gathering just isn’t in anyone’s best interest while the risks remain.

So today as we work to serve and assist in the safest way possible, we’re allowing absence to make the heart grow fonder. Like everyone, we’re adapting and adjusting. We’re also peeking around the corner to next year, confident that the cornerstones of fellowship and community outreach will return, that these foundational pieces of our institution will re-emerge and even grow. We’ll plan for our events to come back bigger and better than ever in 2021.

When that time comes, we’ll get even more joy from the moments we share with those around us.  We’ll see families and friends reconnecting. We’ll know we’re helping our communities get closer to normal.

We’ll know we’re back.

John McDearman

Chief Executive Officer at Wilson Bank & Trust


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