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To the Editor:

I am extremely disappointed in the Lebanon City Council members for their non-vote on changing the zoning for any abortion facilities that may in the future come to our city.

The zoning change would have in no way denied any woman the right to an abortion. Instead, if the facility is placed in a zone that is close to a hospital it would have made an abortion safer.

The public does not hear about all the “botched” or “failed” abortions. At times women are sent home where they might hemorrhage for days. This could be a life-threatening situation. Sometimes they stay at the abortion facility until the workers become frightened that they will bleed to death, and then an ambulance is called (“no sirens please”) and the woman is sent to a nearby hospital.

This is one reason the zoning needs to be changed to an industrial area near a hospital.

Before the 2014 First Amendment law change in Tennessee we had become an “abortion destination” because women were coming from all the surrounding states for “abortion on demand.” At that time there was no waiting period, no counseling, and no laws that abortion facilities had to be inspected by the Tennessee Health Department.

Tennessee still provides abortions but in a safer environment than before. Tennessee was a better place than to be an abortion destination, and Lebanon is a better place also.

Thanks to the Planning Commission for having the initiative to have a plan before the need arises. Also, thanks to Mayor Bernie Ash for bringing this issue to a vote and to Councilor Tick Bryan for making the motion to approve the limit zoning for abortion facilities in the city of Lebanon. Many Lebanon citizens are disappointed that there wasn’t a second and a vote on this very important measure.

Cindy Gibbs


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