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To the Editor:

I read the “Letter to the Editor” from Ms. Carter and was compelled to respond. I am outraged also, just not for the same reasons. 

Ms. Carter said that our president acts with impunity? Seriously? She doesn’t think the past three (and counting) years of persecution and obstruction at every move is punishment? All for the crimes of “not being liked” by Democrats and for yanking the “thrill of victory” from the anointed one. Nothing more.

President Trump coerced President Zelensky to interfere in the 2020 election? That’s not what I gleaned from reading the transcript of the phone call. I saw President Trump as requesting assistance in investigating corruption possibly involving some American citizens (something our anti-corruption treaty with the Ukraine absolutely permits). Investigating a political opponent, you say? Nope. Mr. Biden is not President Trump’s political rival, not yet.

No American is above the law? Would you please remind Hillary of that? Classified information on an unsecured server, paying a foreign government to interfere in the 2016 election … crimes. James Comey leaking classified information … crime. John Brennan and James Clapper perjuring themselves before Congress … crimes.  John Kerry’s personal diplomacy with Iran, outside official channels … crime. Any of them behind bars? Nope.

I am outraged, however. Outraged that Democrats squandered three years and $38,000,000 on a hoax to bring down an elected president. Outraged that journalism is dead in the MSM and they lie and distort or withhold information, daily. Outraged that Democrats are determined that we have no borders to preserve our sovereignty. Outraged that Democrats cover for Planned Parenthood when they chop babies’ bodies up in order to sell their organs (thanks, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas). Outraged that voter I.D., therefore election integrity, is somehow racist to Democrats.

What I’m not outraged about, however, is a president who has helped bring the U.S. to a level of prosperity like never before. My 401(K) has never looked so good. Not outraged over a president who has the fortitude to stand up to our allies to pay their fair share on defense, to force China to quit stealing our intellectual property and trade fairly, stand up to Iran over terrorism. Bravo, President Trump, you've done magnificently considering the impediments and obstruction you faced.

Incidentally, we don't have a democracy, Ms. Carter. We have a constitutional republic. I hope we can keep it.

Philip DeLozier


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