Nearly 50 years ago, at a rodeo in Riverton, WY, I won the bareback riding.

I wish I had known what was going to happen 21 years later.

Okay. The back story.

If you have been reading my column for very long, you know I do a lot of cooking and I make a lot of soft jerky.

As a result, I am constantly looking for seasonings that are designed for wild game and fish.

In 1991, in Riverton, a company must have been reading my mind. But I only found out about them, about five years ago.

Karen Lutto, a Public Relations executive, put me on them.

So, here is the deal.

In 1991, a one-man operation going by the name “Hi Mountain Seasonings” debuted its first product: the Hi Mountain Seasoning Original Jerky Cure & Seasoning Kit, started by Dean Clark and then, in 2003, it was purchased by Hans and Kimberly Hummel and the operation took off.

Since 1991, the company has steadily grown in size and number of products, all while proudly supplying customers around the globe with the world’s finest line of jerky cure and seasonings, spices, brines, sausage kits and accessories.

In 2015 alone, Hi Mountain shipped enough seasoning and jerky kits to season more than 50 million pounds of meat.

See, I should have bought stock.

Hans and Kimberly Hummel now own the company. They started out by creating a jerky making kit and selling to consumers. That was their one product.

Today, they offer over 200 products and sell to consumers and to butcher shops and game processors.

They now have 40 employees and occupy a space of 24,000 square feet. They are still based in Riverton.

So why this column? I am not a promoter for Hi Mountain seasonings.

But when I try something, like it and continue to use it, I want to pass it on to my readers.

A lot of women read this column and they often comment on how much they like my cooking columns. Then, add in the number of men who like to cook wild game and fish and well, it makes sense.

I use a lot of Hi Mountain seasoning.

As a matter of fact, supper tonight is deer backstrap and I am using a product called simply Venison Rub.

I also used it in a marinade of olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and some kind of cheap white wine. Simple marinade.

I’ll sear the meat in my old, black iron skillet with just a little melted butter.

When it is between rare and medium rare, (142 degrees,) I’ll remove and slice it thin. Hey, if it works for Ruth's Cris, who am I to argue? Just a little change of pace from grilling.

Now here is another quick tip.

I eat a lot of fish. Try Hi Mountain’s western style Bayou Bass seasoning or their Wild River Trout seasoning. Good stuff.

If you cannot find it in your store, here is how to get it: 1-800-829-2285 or I believe you will be pleased.

Oh, one more thing. I like helping or passing on information about a totally USA company that grew from nothing to success by hard work.

Gotta go cook now and Dave E. Durham, I better not catch you rambling around in my pantry.

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