Rule number 1 -- Do not fall into a rock pile.

We had all the floors re-done and had to get out of the house for four days.

So Jeanne, The Libby and I went to one of my favorite places -- Edgar Evins State Park.

The plan was to do some trail hiking. It is a beautiful place to hike. But in under 20 minutes, I fell. And I fell badly…into a rock pile. I fell hard enough to lose my glasses. We never found them.

Then just an hour or so later, I fell on the stairs.

So we ate a lot, played Scrabble and I napped. In the early days of spring, when March, starts marching, before the trees start leafing out, there is a family getaway that is inexpensive.

Tennessee State Parks offer bargain winter rates. A few weeks ago, Jeanne, The Libby and I spent four days at Edgar Evins. Except for the before mentioned fall, It was great.

We had a deluxe cabin, did all our own cooking except for one night when we drove to Cookeville and I tried to eat all the raw oysters at Red Lobster.

No matter what direction you looked, there was a view.

Dawn comes slowly when it is overcast and the waters of Center Hill were calm on the eastern horizon. It is winter and the fishermen have not yet come in numbers.

I look out from our balcony, cup of soup in hand and watch the day begin.

There is only one other couple in residence, oddly enough, from Lebanon. They have a dog and he and The Libby make friends.

Jeanne and I take short walks because I am so weak and in pain and just read and play Scrabble, (she beat me.)

There are miles of hiking trails and the staff is all you could ask for. That is great because Jeanne kept locking us out of our room.

On the last day, a group of 20 from India arrived. Nicest people you want to meet.

The Libby loved the kids and they loved her. Some kind of reunion complete with games and dancing, Great people.

So except for the falling, (it was bad, I am hurt), it was a great getaway.

The mornings were cold and frosty. So we drove and went sightseeing. They had the gates open at the dam. We saw deer, eagles and some flock of birds I could not identify.

I can’t stress enough, what a bargain a day or so at a state park is. The next stop will be Natchez Trace in April.

Judge Dave Durham and I will be fishing…but the food there is a treat.

Come join us.

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