Many years ago and I don’t remember exactly how or where or when, I met a guy named Jon LaCorte

At the time he worked for Nikon and that is probably why all eight of my cameras are Nikon. I liked him and he treated me well. We off and on, stayed in touch. Now I am probably talking about 20-25 years.

Well, Jon left Nikon, branched out, hooked up with a guy named Jon Allen. I’ve not met him but I suspect I would like him.

It doesn’t matter that neither one can spell their first name. So these two guys get together and decide, there needs to be another optics company.

Let me state right here, they neither pay me nor do they send me free product. I buy mine just like everybody else.

But as I have always done in my columns, if I find something, that works as advertised, I spread the word. As you know, I have also slammed some companies.

So, comes December 2015, and a new company is born. The two Jons put their heads together and came up with Tract Optics.

“After successful careers at Nikon and seeing the direction of business at the dealer and distributor level with margins continuing to increase and the product quality being compromised to satisfy the big box stores, we thought a direct-to consumer business model that cuts out the retail markup and provides the consumer with a higher value was the future,” said LaCorte.

See, these guy think outside the box. I could probably work for them.

“The goal was to provide a premium level of product without the markup," LaCorte said.

“Basically our products compete with competitive products costing 30-40% more. By cutting out the retail markup we are able to pack features into the products normally found in products costing much more.”

Sounds pretty good to me.

“The goal was and still is to give the customer the best value in the industry. We launched our binocular line initially in 12/15 and a full line of riflescopes followed in May 2016.” Jon, the LaCorte Jon, told me all this.

The company now offers four models of Toric binocular (I have not tried them) and some rifle scopes.

I have one on my Parker-Hale .308. I can honestly say, it is as good as any Zeiss or Swavorksi -- whatever I have ever had.

I have owned and shot scopes that cost $2,000. The one I have from Tract, yes is as good and yes, I bought the dang thing, it was not given to me.

The way I got it was, through Jon…the LaCorte Jon.

But you don’t have to do that. They actually have a website and a phone number. Call (631) 662-7354, or visit the website

Now, let me say again, I am not compensated in any way by this company. Probably, I have all the binoculars and rifle scopes I need.

But if I ever need another, they will be my first stop. I can tell you, the level of quality you get far exceeds the price point.

This company is going to make a niche. When you can provide a quality product at 30-40 percent below the competition, word is going to spread.

Author's note --  Let me add this: Little Johnny Boy (aka LJB) is a tad under the weather.

In the next week or so, I may have to call on a couple of my outdoor writer friends to do a guest column.

If so, please, treat them well.

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