So Jolly wrote a book

First thing you are thinking is, who is Jolly?

Well I guess I met Ron Jolly maybe 30 years ago. Back then, he was a videographer for turkey guru Will Primos.

Then, I think he went to work for the state of Alabama. Then he met and married a beautiful and wonderful woman named Tes Randle. She just happens to be one of the best wildlife photographers in the country.

But I never knew he could write. In fact, I wasn’t even sure he could spell book.

So imagine my surprise when I get this book, “Memories of Spring.”

Now on the surface, it appears to be about turkey hunting. It isn’t. It is about living. Turkeys are just the vehicle. And Tes did all the photography. The pictures are worth the price of the book.

If you have been reading my column very long, you know I don’t blow smoke up your skirt. I don’t promote a product or book unless I think you will like it. This is not a book for just the hunter. Women will like it, too. But talk about a Father’s Day gift. Trust me, it is a good read.

You can order from Jolly’s Outdoor Visions; 204 Fast Lane, Tuskegee, AL 36083 for $25 and an additional $5 shipping. It is a steal. And he will sign it upon request. You can also get it from

Now a sad note -- in ten days, I lost three close friends, two rodeo clowns and a woman who probably saved my life in 1971.

Lecile Harris has been my friend 60 years. We worked together from 1972-1977. He was one of the premiere rodeo clowns and bullfighters of all time. He too wrote a book, “This Aint my First Rodeo”. I have mentioned it before. You can Google it.

Then, my great friend Sammi Blue, whose real was Cheryl Kolbrick, a race horse trainer who got me through a terrible patch back in 1971, was leading a horse off the track at Arlington and just died.

A lot of people knew Sammi through Facebook and had no idea she was a she. She never made that known. February has been a terrible month for me. I hope March will be better.

On a personal note -- I have been sick. I fall down a lot. In fact, I spend half the day falling down and the other half getting up.

They do not know what is going on. Lots of doctors, lots of tests. Some of the falls have been bad. I am also having trouble writing. My fingers don’t want to work. So please forgive any typos that get past the editors.

I also want to thank everybody who has called or e-mailed. You can’t know how much that has meant.

Now buy Jolly’s book. I promise, you will thank me for the tip.

On a brighter note -- Now is the time to catch big smallmouth on Priest.

Small jigs, I prefer tube lure on a 1/8 ounce head, slow and deep.

Last week Judge Durham and I had 15 over six pounds. (That may be a lie.)

But in truth, now is prime time for pre-spawn smallies.

Also, if you have guts enough, now is when you catch bragging-size stripers on the Caney. Medium running jerk-baits in the eddies and pockets.

For me, March has been a time of healing. I have been having a hard time, been falling down and am very weak.

But I have sure enjoyed reading Jolly’s book. You will too.

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